Chris Maughan’s Wiki

This is my digital garden, wiki, second brain. It is a place where I post blog entries, useful links and other articles. It is more for me than for you, but you may find interesting things among the links and articles. There is a complete list of entries here, which is good for searching.

This whole section of the site is just markdown text, converted to a website by Neuron, a static website generator. There’s a small sprinkling of javascript for the subscription links and styling, but that’s about it. In this way, I can edit this website using Vim on my local machine and push it to github whenever I like. A github action builds the site automatically. I can even search and browse it using Obsidian.

If you want to get in touch, send me a DM on Twitter

In my day job I work at NVIDIA on graphics tools and technology. A little more about me here. My personal projects usually revolve around graphics and audio. I have a long term project to make a live coding tool, along with a built in audio synthesizer. If you got here some other way, check out the front page of the site for a selection of projects I’ve worked on.